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Piece of Shit Squat Suit

Man I fucking hate gear; a bitch to put on, uncomfortable as fuck, bitch to take off. Squatted with the straps up again for the second time and it was just as awkward as the first time. Still only managed 545lbs, hopefully I can hit a successful 600 squat for competition. I can feel it.

After squatting up to that 545 I did one leg legpresses up to about 560 for 10 reps each leg. Then did some leg curls for 3 sets of 20, and ended off with calve raises for 2 sets of 50. 

I ended up doing some high rep shit to finish off today’s workout partially because of laziness and also I realized that whenever I’m stuck on a plateau, some rep work always helps me to push through that barrier. 


Tomorrow is my rest day then come Wednesday it’s time to train my shitty excuse for a bench press. Sigh, what I AM looking forward to is Friday’s deadlift session. 



Shut the fuck up and train.

Shut the fuck up and train.

The elusive 3 plate benchpress

It wasn’t so bad, the 305 felt really light and I moved that shit fast, the 315 was another story, the negative was the toughest part, the actual press wasn’t so bad. 

After bench work I did:

Incline DB Press 80lbsx2setsx10reps

Weighted Dips 

Tricep Extension


Oh well, tomorrow is my strongest day; the deadlift. I can hit an easy 545 raw on any given day, I’m sure given a few weeks to peak up I can get 600 out of it. Tomorrow I’m gonna be wearing the deadlift suit for the first time, don’t know how that’s gonna work out. Maybe I’ll video it and post it, who knows?


It’s raining, and I’m up…

This is week 18; 18 weeks down without missing a single training day, without skipping a single meal, without flinching. I go to the gym 5am, it’s the only time I have really, and it’s peaceful, not full of douchebags benching and wasting space.

It was killer the first 3 or 4 weeks, then I actually started to look forward to my early morning sessions, although I still look forward to it on most days, it’s just another part of my daily routine.

Two more training days to go, then I can rest all week :) Nothing is hard about my lifestyle, fuck all the talk of “motivation” and shit, just get up and do it, nothing complicated, just need to focus on the weights being moved and you’ll be okay. 

Hey Guys, Diet Diary

I haven’t posted in forevs but I got a good reason for all that.

I’ve been busy-ish with life lately but in a nutshell here’s what happened to me in the past couple months; I started my own business (a smoothie cafe and health bar), I’ve blasted through a ton of my strength goals, hoping to participate in a powerlifting competition in April, aaaaaaaaaand….yeah…..

So since I have quite a bit more followers since I’ve started a few months ago, I’m gonna reintroduce myself.

Hi, I’m Darren :)

Okay okay, so right now I’m 220lbs (powerlifting weight mind you, I may have some fat here and there but goddammit I’m strong), but I don’t feel like I’m strong enough.

Competition is in April, I wanted to make a trip to Toronto in April so I’m not too sure if I’ll have the chance to compete, but anyways hear me out.

I’ve been training my ass off the past 18 weeks and I’m stronger than I’ve ever been, and heavier too, so I wanna burn off this yucky fat and maintain or even get stronger.

Next week is my week off from training, and from the following week I’ll be training harder than ever, and the scary part is that I’m going to be dieting and doing cardio while attempting to maintain my strength or get even stronger.

What I’ve decided to do is keep a daily post/diary thingie talking about how everything is going and what have you, kinda like a progress blog.

So if you have any questions about my routine or my diet, please don’t be afraid to ask, I’m doing this to help as much people as possible, and also to hopefully keep myself motivated to stay on that strict diet for the entire 10 weeks.

Peasoup :)

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