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Dat Slingshot

Mark Bell’s Slingshot is insane, I ordered myself the reactive slingshot (which is the weakest one meant for working reps instead of overload), and today was the first time using it, benched 275x3x3 no problem, no shoulder or elbow pains. After doing that I overloaded using 3 boards and 315lbs for 2 sets of singles.

Order yourself a slingshot NOW. The wristwraps are also fucking incredible.

4 weeks out

Man 4 weeks out to my first competition. 3 weeks left of actual training. Last week went relatively well, I deadlifted 500x2setsx3reps pretty easily. 

The best part about training for competition is that your weaknesses are brought into the light. My bench is weakest at the bottom, my squat’s weakness is speed, and my deadlift’s weakness is breaking inertia. 

Really excited to work on that after competition, but for now my eyes are focused on March 10th. 

Monday I squatted with my straps down, did 455x4reps, wanted to do 5, but man the fucking suit was so tight, almost passed out, my muscles weren’t fatigued, just my breath was gone and the tightness of the suit didn’t help. The funny thing is that I can probably do 455x4 easily raw, I just can’t use gear for shit.

Feb 4

Squat Day

Gonna go for a 465x5 today, straps down w/ belt and wraps. Hope I don’t break anything.

Feb 2

405 no belt, last of my warmup sets.

6 weeks out…

6 Weeks out to my first competition, today I worked on my lame excuse of a bench press. I also started to implement my diet.

For the past……3 months I’ve been eating roughly 300-400g of carbs daily, I look pretty fat right now lol, but I’m still only 215lbs. I plan on cutting my carbs slowly until 1 week before competition, carb load, and then after competition I’ll be going on a low carb diet.

Today I had 150g of carbs, tomorrow it’s gonna be even less, for the next 5 weeks I’m aiming for about 100g of carbs a day, with one day out of each week used as a high carb day (Friday, deadlift day motherfuckers). 

4 days before competition I’ll increase my carb intake to about 300g a day, 24 hours prior to competition I’ll bump that up to about 500g, and then on competition day itself I’ll have a huge breakfast of about 100g of carbs and 50g protein, and then just hope for the best.

Anyways enough rambling about my shit diet, here’s how today’s workout went:

Bench Press - 205lbs x 2 sets x 10 reps

Incline Smith Machine Press - 245lbs x 2 sets x 6 reps

Bodyweight Dips - 3 sets x 15 reps

Crossovers - 3 sets x 15-10reps

DB Tri Extensions - 3 sets x 5 reps

Pushdowns - 2 sets - 10-8 reps


Today was my last rep day for the bench, next week I’ll work to a projected 5 rep max, aiming for about 85% of what I’m hoping to hit in competition, let’s see how that goes.

Piece of Shit Squat Suit

Man I fucking hate gear; a bitch to put on, uncomfortable as fuck, bitch to take off. Squatted with the straps up again for the second time and it was just as awkward as the first time. Still only managed 545lbs, hopefully I can hit a successful 600 squat for competition. I can feel it.

After squatting up to that 545 I did one leg legpresses up to about 560 for 10 reps each leg. Then did some leg curls for 3 sets of 20, and ended off with calve raises for 2 sets of 50. 

I ended up doing some high rep shit to finish off today’s workout partially because of laziness and also I realized that whenever I’m stuck on a plateau, some rep work always helps me to push through that barrier. 


Tomorrow is my rest day then come Wednesday it’s time to train my shitty excuse for a bench press. Sigh, what I AM looking forward to is Friday’s deadlift session. 

fear the weights, respect the weights, then pound the shit out of em

fear the weights, respect the weights, then pound the shit out of em